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I will be running several sessions of an adventure taking place in the Black Swan district (J3) of the Channel Cities within the that will serve as an introduction to the new version of Rolemaster (currently being referred to as Rolemaster Unified) that is currently being beta-tested with the hopes of being published before GenCon.

Information regarding this new version of Rolemaster can be found at the Iron Crown Enterprises web site at: "".

I will have a dozen different pre-generated 5th level characters available for players to choose from (to demonstrate the variety and flexibility that is possible with Rolemaster). However each group will consist of only 4 to 6 players, and it will be up to each group to coordinate their efforts and plan their strategy together.

The principle behind the adventure is that the characters are hanging out at the Red Hooded Traveler (and Inn and Tavern located in the Black Swan District of of the city of Martelain of the Channel Cities) when they are approached by the owner of several pieces of property that is looking for some adventuresome mercenaries who are willing to capture and remove a small band of slavers who have taken over one of his buildings. He wants the slavers captured and turned into the authorities if possible (although he does not want them simply driven from the building as there could be backlash, so killing them is a better option than their escape). Likewise freeing of any slaves is also a plus (slavery is illegal in the city of Martelain (and 3 of the other four cities that make up the Channel Cities).

As stated in the description, a point system exists that will determine which group receives prizes, based on how quickly each aspect of the adventure is completed and how each is completed (more points awarded for capturing the slavers then for killing them, but more for killing them than what results if any of them escape). Likewise there are also a few other minor points where bonus points may be awarded to some of the groups for especially good role-playing, interesting ideas and approaches to tackling the problem, or other memorable or amazing things that may occur, and for groups that work well together (penalties may apply against groups who do not work together).